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Neon Sign

Business & Home Solutions

We provide assistance with home projects regardless of your location, so you don't have to visit our store to get help. Our team is available to assist you wherever you are.


Seamless & Bright

Our Digital LED Signage lets you create a videowall that adapts to almost any wall shape or curve. With greater brightness and wider viewing angles than LCD, the possibilities are endless.

Eye-Catching & Functional

Channel letter LED is perfect for retail, food service, and utility applications like menu boards, trade shows, and conference rooms. It's easy to install and can be hung overhead.


Flexible & Creative

Our LED Strip light is easy to install and can be used almost anywhere. You can decorate your home, shop, or bar, or use it for special occasions like Christmas or weddings.

Smart & Innovative

We offer a range of smart devices that integrate advanced IoT technologies and cloud services for both smart home and industrial solutions.


Enhance Your Space

Lighting sets the mood and affects how objects appear in a room. Let us help you master your decor with exciting new lighting choices.

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