Mi Light Wifi Smart Phone Connet

Mi Light Wifi Smart Phone Connet

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Work Voltage: DC 5V
Software Name: Milight
Software Source: APP Store & Google Play
Feature: the WiFi controller which can be used to our
wifi light and 2.4G wifi controller. Internet control by
linking wifi router.


    The Wifi Box receives a WiFi signal from the App on your smartphone or tablet and then send via 2.4G RF radio frequency LED bulbs, LED strips or LED spots wirelessly. You can control up to 8 groups using the LED lighting and individually adjust each group with lamps and LED strips with this WiFi LED controller.

    The Wifi box is supplied with a standard 5 Volt USB adapter (optional) using the USB power cable. You can also use a USB port to power the wifi box. You can optionally add a second wifi box to add 8 additional zones. The Wifi Box can be included in your wireless home WiFi network or a direct WiFi connection can be made.